Publishing to NPM through CircleCI results in no readme on the npmjs package page

I recently setup continuous integration for a private NPM package. Previously, when I had published to NPM straight from the command line, the at the base of the repository was visible at the package homepage at

However, since updating my CI process to publish directly from Circle, the readme no longer appears. Everything else works totally fine, you can download and use the package as normal. Even upon inspecting the downloaded source in the node_modules folder, the is definitely in the repository.

Here is a screenshot of the current package homepage.

Has anyone else experienced this, and is this even an issue on Circle’s side? I can supply my config.yml if necessary.

Is there a difference between how you were doing this via the CLI and how you are doing it in CircleCI?

Not that I am aware of. I am running the same commands, so I assume there is some environment variable that I need to set, or something along those lines.

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