Publishing to gh-pages does not work


I’m running into an issue with automatically publishing docs for my project. I have a bash script which generates documentation and pushes it to the gh-pages branch of my repository.

It has previously worked on CircleCI (~1-2 years ago), but when I revisited this project now, it fails to push correctly to GitHub.

I regenerated my GitHub access token and updated in the project env settings, just to be sure. When running the docs script locally, or in a isolated docker container, it works as expected, managing to push a new commit to the gh-pages branch.

What could have changed in the CircleCI environment that prevents this from working?

Did not work:
Worked fine: same URL ^ but with build number 54
Docs script:

I’d appreciate any pointers. Thanks!

Hello @avaly,

Could you please reach out to and open a support ticket?

We’ll try to straighten this out for you.


@zzak, i come across the same issue.

Can you update the workaround in this topic?

try add user key directly(at Project Settings/Permissions/Checkout SSH Keys)

it works for me.