Project fails with no errors

My project successfully executes the “Spin up environment” step without any errors in it and then instantly fails even before next step begins.
Ho do I debug such situation?

Are you able to post your config.yml file?

It’s something like

version: 2.1
      - image: argoproj/argocli
          username: username
          password: $PASSWORD
    executor: argocli-executor
      - run:
          name: Sync demo appliction at Argo CD
          command: |
            echo argocd login
            echo argocd app sync
      - deploy-infrastructure

Seems the problem is with the image I use

I see the image being loaded and then the workflow just ending without any useful status info apart from it being flagged as failed.

I know nothing about the argo project, but my first search came up with the following

If the image is not shipped with a shell the job you have defined is going to have unexpected issues as the echo commands within your run block are executed within the image you have loaded using by default /bin/bash from within the image.

If this is the situation it is true that the CircleCI workflow engine seems to have a reporting issue as I guess it is not handling the lack of a shell correctly, but the main issue is how to access the functionality provided by the image.

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