Problems with submitting an SSH Permission

After entering a valid private key into Permissions > SSH Permissions I get the error message:
“Error: a private key is required If we can help, contact us.”

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This is related to this ticket bugreport


No it wasn’t related since that issue seems to be solved while SSH PERMISSION still doesn’t work.

Same issue here

Same issue here Adding SSH key gives error with correct key

I have tried both RSA and DSA private keys, no luck


Thank you guys for reaching out to us. I have chosen this thread to be the one to track this issue. This provides a single place for us to share feedback on this issue.

Can anyone tell me if they are still hitting this issue as of right $NOW? I’ve been told by our team a fix has been put in place and I would like to verify that you guys are taken care of.

re: @za-creature, @dgtlmoon

Thanks @FelicianoTech for helping out. I successfully uploaded my key, can’t tell if it can be used within a build, but I’d say it’s working again.

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wfm, thanks!

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