Problems with API requests to Rails app

Hello there,

I am running into problems with our API tests against our Rails app, with Circle 2.0.
We are running our JAVA (Rest-Assured) tests against rails app but get no response, like the app not started or couldn’t be reached. In another case, we get 307 response (Temp’ redirect).
The configuration file contains 2 docker images: ruby 2.5.1, together with postgres 9.6.
Building the DB went well, as well as ‘dockerize’ command for waiting for postgres to be up. but seems like something with the rails application just doesnt right.

The same suit works fine with Circle 1.0.

My favourite bit of advice about any CI system is that most problems are just ordinary server problems - the CI bit are just some extra tools and automation, and they are not normally the issue.

To debug this, use the SSH feature on any build (even if it fails) and experiment with getting your API to stay up. One issue with Java apps is the build container runs out of memory. Your app will probably generate logs or console errors, so look into that too.

Once you have fixed it (e.g. changed memory settings, installed missing dependencies) you can copy those changes back to your YAML file. Good luck!

I found the problem.
For some reason, the puma decided to run on production mode, instead of development, which cause our app to force ssl connection, that can’t be run on localhost.


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