Problems running Python tools as a custom deployment step


I am trying to run a Python tool that automates some AWS operations as a custom step in my Circle CI project. The tool itself seems to be built with Circle CI:

In my circle.yml, I have added the following lines:
python: # Currently used for AMIs Cleaner Script
version: pypy-2.2.1
* * *

  • sudo pip install awscli # Install AWS Command-line interface (for cleaning up things in the VPN in deployment)
  • sudo pip install aws-amicleaner # Install AMI Cleaner -

branch: master
- amicleaner -f --mapping-key tags --mapping-values version --keep-previous 1

I am not using Python in general, and might miss something quite basic here. The end-result is that the tool is not working and its stdout looks strange.
This is the correct output I am getting when running it locally:

Default values : ==>
mapping_key : tags
mapping_values : [‘version’]
keep_previous : 0

Retrieving AMIs to clean …

AMIs to be removed:
| Group name | candidates |
| 63 | 1 |
| 64 | 1 |

This is how the output looks when it runs in Circle CI container. The return code is 0, but, obviously, the relevant operations are not taking place.

<2> Default values : ==> <2>
mapping_key : tags <2> mapping_values : ['version'] <2>
keep_previous : 1 <2> <2>
Retrieving AMIs to clean … $<2>

Any thoughts would be helpful.


Are you sure this isn’t an issue with the library? Have you tried reporting it to their bug tracker?

Also, please make sure you’re using the latest version of that library first.