Prevent workflow cancellation when triggering pipeline via. REST API


I have a bot infra I’ve built that allows my team to trigger CircleCI pipelines by commenting on a github pull request. I’m using the triggerPipeline REST endpoint to do this.

Our CI file has multiple pipelines configured - for example:

  • commit_validation (our regular “PR” run)
  • cody-job-launch

Our repo has job cancellation turned on so any duplicate jobs running on non-default branches get canceled automatically. This happens regardless of the pipeline they are running. What I’d like is the ability to run multiple different pipelines in parallel on non-default branches. For example, allow both commit_validation and cody-job-launch to run on the same branch concurrently. Currently, they are deduped which creates a poor experience. I don’t understand why jobs running different pipelines are classed as duplicates – this makes no sense to me.

Is this possible? I guess I’d imaging passing in an arg to triggerPipeline to disable the cancellation.


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I have need of this also.