PostgreSQL - Alpine version for 11.7 - any reason it does not exist?

Hi, we have been using the Alpine version of PostgreSQL for a while. Our production environment has upgraded to v11.7 and I wanted to update the CircleCI version to the same.
There is no Alpine version of 11.7 available… do they usually trail in the release date/time? Or is there another reason a 11.7-Alpine is not available?
Also, is there way

(Newbie here, so trying to learn and understand).

@circleci - Any input on this one?

You could always use postgres:11.7-alpine directly from Docker Hub.

I assume you are talking about an image maintained by the PostgreSQL team, so CircleCI employees would probably not have much input on this one. Can you use the one that @mbklein has indicated?

I imagine I could, this is all new for me. Just seemed odd as the Alpine version had always been added previously to the CircleCI list. CircleCI seems to maintain a library of the different images.

Looking at the docker link - they do have an Alpine 11.7 - so in my config.yml file for CircleCI - would I just use this @mbklein

- image: docker/postgres:11.7-alpine 

Seems almost too basic?

That didn’t work… have to read up some more on it. @circlecibeginner any tips?
I’ll give it a try to see if I can get it to work.

That’s absolutely the way to do it. You can specify any container as repo/image:tag (for images hosted on Docker Hub) or server/repo/image:tag (for images hosted elsewhere). I don’t know that there’s anything special about CircleCI’s images other than being officially supported.

Hmm ok I’ll have to check it again, as it couldn’t connect, so some weirdness going on or I’m missing something.