POSTGRES - ERROR: unrecognized configuration parameter "default_table_access_method"

Running into a new issue that is causing my build to fail. Related to a line added to structure.sql

SET default_table_access_method = heap;

This is new to me and a bit over my head.

Here is the output of the error:

#!/bin/bash -eo pipefail
bin/rails db:structure:load --trace
** Invoke db:structure:load (first_time)
** Invoke db:load_config (first_time)
** Invoke environment (first_time)
** Execute environment
** Execute db:load_config
** Invoke db:check_protected_environments (first_time)
** Invoke db:load_config 
** Execute db:check_protected_environments
** Execute db:structure:load
(1 row)

psql:/home/circleci/project/db/structure.sql:60: ERROR:  unrecognized configuration parameter "default_table_access_method"
rails aborted!
failed to execute:
psql -v ON_ERROR_STOP=1 -q -X -f /home/circleci/project/db/structure.sql v12_test

Please check the output above for any errors and make sure that `psql` is installed in your PATH and has proper permissions.

Has anyone else run into this, or have any ideas?

Make sure you are using a Postgres 12 image.

Thanks, that indeed was the issue, the project is on 11.6 and my system has changed to 12.1. So there was a mismatch there. Rolled by local back to 11.6 for now and all is well.