Pointless - a CircleCI Chrome Extension


Pointless is a CircleCI Chrome Extension that enhances your browsing experience while developing. For example, while viewing a project page on GitHub, you can see its build status and follow/unfollow that project on CircleCI right from the GitHub page.

Get it from the Chrome Store. Contribute/request features on GitHub.

More features, such as searching CircleCI Docs, will be coming soon. Visit our GitHub page for the feature roadmap, support, and to contribute.

If there’s enough requests, I’d like to support Bitbucket with the same features we have for GitHub.

note: This is a personal, open-source project. Not a CircleCI official project.


The ability to search CircleCI Docs from the address bar (Chrome’s Omnibox) was added.

Posted on Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/pointless

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