Pipeline management problem in circle

  • Pipeline management problem in circle:
    At present, each development team creates its repository where the pipeline config .circle / config.yml is located

This configuration remains in each of the repositories of each service in a decentralized way, which does not allow us to have control of the configurations.

Possible solution we found:

One possibility is to be on the side of devops co-owners of the config.

This solution generates in the future a high level of administration / support which does not scale over time.

In other solutions such as gitlab-ci there is the possibility of having includes from another repository where the pipeline config is located and thus centralizing it in an external repository where the owner is the devops area.

This use case we are not finding how to implement it in circleci.

The query would be if circle has any solution to centralize your config or some other alternative for this problem?

  • More granular security issues regarding context:
    On the other hand, we note that at the authorization level there is not very granular control over circle contexts, that is, users can access and delete contexts if they wish.

Is there a mechanism to have better control over the operations that users can perform in the contexts?

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