Pip caching

We need to use python and want to leverage pip caching. However by default there is pip
wrapped into pyenv, which is working in unusual way. It doesn’t store cache in the
default locations ~/.cache/pip…

Here’s the link https://gyazo.com/9e4038e232275b88cb871e18e8ae3c62,
what I’m trying to do is to remove the shim file and rehash. However
the next step doesn’t preserve modification. I could not find any
explanations in the docs regarding this behavior.

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Every command from your circle.yml is executed in a separate subshell, therefore any changes made to the shell environment, like settings and environment variables, will not be transferred into the subsequent commands.

One way to work around this could be to adjust the ~/.circlerc file on the container—its content is source’d before each command. You could either append things to that file or, for example, remove all the lines associated with virtualenv (specifically lines containing activate or deactivate).

Thank you for the workaround!)

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