Passing parameters with use of logical operators

Hi, I would like to pass parameter to a job as false if one of two pipeline parameters is false, but if I try combining them using various logical operators, they get converted into a string

Sample configuration:

    type: boolean
    default: true
    type: boolean
    default: true

      - job1:
          param3: << pipeline.parameters.param1 >> && << pipeline.parameters.param2 >>

Is there a way to do that?

Why not pass them both to job1 and let a step in job1 do the logic? You can execute very simple logic with parameter evaluation.


param3:  << #pipeline.parameters.param1 >>use this string if param1 is true << /pipeline.parameters.param1 >> << ^pipeline.parameters.param1 >>use this string if param1 is false or empty<< /pipeline.parameters.param1 >>

It might work for some cases but in my case I had a set of jobs that I would like to skip based on some criteria and repeating the logic in each of them isn’t very DRY

Another option would be to have a job that would generate this combined value

In my case I managed to work around the issue but I still think it would be cool to have a way of applying basic logic operations when passing a parameter

It’s a good use case for dynamic configuration.