Parametrized Nightly Builds?

Hello everyone, I’m trying to configure a nightly-build per the documentation here: I followed all the steps and think the documentation is quite clear. I made sure I have a correct API token and tried some of the other REST calls such as USER i.e: When trying to trigger a nightly build with my Bash script the response from the Circle API is a HTML response instead of a JSON object and my build is not triggered. I tried some other POST requests and when they are valid CURL requests they seem to respond with HTML and not JSON, further they seem to do what I specify in the CURL requests. Could this possibly be a problem with the API, mabye someone can provide some insight?

Seeing the command/Bash script would be really helpful. Don’t share the API token of course, but otherwise whatever you’re willing to share of the file would help.

Hey Feliciano! I actually found out my error, I had misconfigured the trigger_build_url ever so slightly, it has been resolved, thanks.