Own PIP (PyPI) server in CircleCI


I am not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I am new in CircleCI. I am also not a software developer. However, I’ve been asked to setup local PIP server and then make CircleCI talking to it regarding to upload and download of packages. I have working PyPI server, but have no idea how to tell CircleCI to use it. Is there any step-by-step manual about this kind of integration?


What I assume is required here is that you have some private Python dependencies on this server, and you want to make them available to your build process. OK, that can be done.

Are you planning to use cloud CircleCI (most people use this) or on-premises CircleCI? That question will determine whether your Pip server needs to be reachable from the internet.

That may be a problem. I wish you all the luck in the world with getting the configuration you want, but CI is all about problem-solving with a software engineering slant.

No, CI isn’t really something one can write a step-by-step guide for. Sorry :slightly_smiling_face:


I have working local PIP server which is available from the Internet protected by password. I have also some packages on it, which I am able to install from that server, this part is fine. CircleCI we have is in the cloud. I need to “tell” CircleCI to start using it. That is all. Question is, do you know how to do this or not.


OK, great. So I guess this is a Pip problem and nothing to do with CI at all. You need to work out how to inform it of the domain of your dependencies server. Search for “pip custom dependency URL” and variations.

(I am guessing Pip has a central package repository, but that you do not wish to add your private libraries to that repository).

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