Our build console is down. Anybody else?

1-2 day standard support doesn’t help when all of our development is stopped

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Yes, our dashboard is spinning just as well. started about 10 minutes ago

Correct, just spinning. Few errors in the developer console, so I imagine it’s due to a bad CI build :frowning:

Yes, we have got the situation here. Also the ingoring node version or smth like this.

Same here … looks like they are now aware of it https://status.circleci.com/

Ayyy! Seems to be fixed :smile_cat:

My build console is down, and I just started using circleci today… so don’t know if this is an incident or am I a fool.

We’re experiencing this as well.

Our build console is also down.

1+ Same Herr


We are aware of this issue and are working to get it resolved as soon as possible.

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This is now resolved.

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I logged in this morning and found build screen not loading.

I’m seeing the same thing.

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