Organization Repo's are not showing up under MacOS


I setup CircleCI using the free linux option and connected my GitHub account and have been running tests upon deploy for several months now. Everything works great.

Recently I created a new repository in my organization for an iOS mobile application. Seeing as how I now need to generate .ipa’s I added a MacOS machine to my CircleCI account.

My question is:

When I go to “Add Projects” I see a “Linux” and a “macOS” tab - but all the repositories in my organization are under the Linux tab - None are in the macOS tab. How do I setup projects under the macOS tab?

Hi Nate. This is a 1.0 detection bug in the UI, if the project is showing under Linux you can add it there with no issues.

I’ll file a bug report, but we are working on a new UI, so this bug may not be looked at until then.