Orb to render Go Templates

tl;dr I made an orb to render Go templates and use them in dynamic config (link below)


I have been working with Helm a lot recently and have really enjoyed how powerful the templating mechanism is. While the built-in mustache-style templating offered by CircleCI is powerful enough to serve most purposes, there are instances where I found myself wanting some of the logic features available in Helm templating. This orb meets that need by rendering templates with data from an arbitrary number of sources using Gomplate.


You can find the orb here: CircleCI Developer Hub - xavientois/gomplate
This orb exposes commands to install Gomplate and render templates. It also exposes a job similar to path-filtering/filter that renders a template and then triggers the continuation pipeline using the rendered template as the pipeline config file.

Please let me know if you expericence any issues with the orb! Hope others find it useful when using dynamic config!

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this is awesome!! great addition!