Orb authors: use this command in your orbs!

Hi all, wanted to quickly toot our (CircleCI’s) own horn about a new(-ish) orb command that should be very useful to any orb author:

This command, which now can take a comma-separated list of parameters to check, can basically be added at the beginning of any orb job or command that takes one or more env_var_name-type parameters. It will allow you to provide a failsafe for your users—so if they have forgotten or failed to define any required parameters/environment variables, they will get a helpful message about it.

You can see an example usage here:

Or here:

Typically, the command would be called with multiple parameter name values as specified in the description for the param parameter:

You can learn more about Orb Tools in the registry, as well:


Thanks, happy orb-ing!