Notification when a test execution is waiting for a container for more than X seconds?

Hi there,

I’d like to find out when a test execution is waiting for a container more than X seconds. This way I’d know that I need to buy another container for my plan.

I looked at Datadog’s CircleCI integration but that doesn’t seem to have a metric for “maximum time a container had to wait for a container to become available”; if there was, I could put in a warning limit, graph it over time, etc.

Is there somewhere else I can get that notification and/or monitor that metric?

Hey @philCryoport, we don’t currently support this functionality and recommend opening a feature request on our ideas board:

If you are looking for your container wait times, that might be available in the build API - from there you can fetch your build history, and I seem to recall it is pretty detailed.

Looks like I would have to retrieve the data from the API and calculate the enqueued time…

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