[NOTICE] Be aware of fraudulent recruiters targeting CircleCI jobseekers

Report suspicious activity at https://circle.ci/43qjW2N

We have been receiving reports of fraudulent recruiters reaching out to potential CircleCI candidates. The recruiting team here at CircleCI takes the applicant experience seriously. To ensure your safety, here is some information about our official recruiting process.

  1. Our recruiters will never text as first outreach. We communicate via email.
  2. All emails come from an @circleci.com email domain. If someone reaches out to you using any other email domain, it is fraudulent and should be reported.
  3. You will always talk to the recruiter, hiring manager, and other team members over Zoom or phone. Any offer letter received without talking to our team should be considered fraudulent.

Below is an example of a fraudulent recruiting email. Be on the lookout for the following warning signs.

Please report suspicious activity by clicking the link here.