Not duplicating config.yml code for multi-repo/multi-app project?

I am working on a multi-repo/multi-app project. I would like set up just one config.yml in one repo and share it with other repos. Subtle job differences among different repos can be dealt with by my scripting within config.yml.

I use an additional tool called Fastlane. Fastlane has a feature called import_from_git. This feature is useful when you want to store the Fastfile in a remote git repository.

I know I cannot store config.yml in a separate git repo and import it. How do I work around this problem?

If I were dealing with this, Iā€™d work on some scripts to do these things:

  • At development time, copy the YAML file from a central place, and make changes automatically, so it can be committed
  • At build time, fetch the YAML from the central place and throw an error if the committed one is different

@halfer, Good suggestion. Thank you for your reply.

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