No timezone (UTC) displayed in Workflows UI; request: explicit date format


Display workflow’s date timezone, please:

One main use-case of CircleCI is that we have a historical view. To see when was what deployed. Fortunately, we rarely need that. But when there’s an incident, time is pressure.

Therefore, these small changes would help in fast investigation:

  • Display date in full format (year-month-day hour:minutes:seconds UTC+x) directly on the webpage => No need to hover many times over sth. like a 6 days ago label to see when it was exactly.
    • In the workflows list.
    • In the build list.
    • In the build detail view (in the Finished: label).
  • Adapt the workflow dates to the user’s/browser’s timezone. Currently its UTC+0. You already did this in the build detail view (in the Finished: label) :+1:





Wouldn’t it be better if all times were displayed in the web application user’s timezone? (I think this is essentially your second option).

Conceivably users might operate different servers in different timezones, but it would make sense to me that CI events are always seen through the CI app, and that will only have one viewing location.


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