No space left on device



Hello everyone.
As part of my build, I’d like to make sure the Dockerfile contains all the instructions to successfully build the image. To do so after running my specs I build the image.

- bundle exec rspec spec/
- docker build -t app-image . 

The image is about 300 Mb and now when I run my build I get

ERROR: Failed to create usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-alpine-linux-musl/5.3.0/plugin/include/splay-tree.h: No space left on device

Are there any constraints on my VM?
Is there a way to start always with a clean VM? This issue for instance didn’t occur yesterday when the build was basically the same.



I have just rebuilt it and now everything worked fine.
Am I missing anything here?



Just wanted to reply briefly with what I’ve seen. I’m not deeply familiar with docker build, but other customers have reported that the docker build step balloons in disk usage. This SO post might be a step towards fixing that?


Thanks for your reply.