Newbie can't get Meteor near-tutorial app to pass CircleCI build



Hi all,

I’m fairly new to Node/Meteor/React/JavaScript, but I do have experience with continuous integration for an R package on TravisCI. That’s for context.
Following the Meteor Tutorial, I have implemented what is still a very simple application that is still very similar to the tutorial, with a single unit test on the server. Here is the latest CI build.
I have followed the continuous integration section of the Meteor Guide on testing, which works great locally (meteor npm test), but I cannot get neither CircleCI nor TravisCI to pass the test successfully. They both fail when looking for client-side tests with error message phantomjs: Syntax error: Unterminated quoted string which has been reported in a few places already (as a new user I’m out of weblinks in this post).
I’ve tried quite a few different YAML configurations on both platforms without success, and at this stage I’d be really thankful to get advice.

Many thanks!


Hello @kevinrue,

Do the tests pass locally on your own machine?


Hi @zzak,
Thanks for the reply.

It did (at the time I posted the issue).
The only time the tests failed on my laptop is when I upgraded Node to the latest version (v7.5.0).

In the meantime, I actually temporarily sorted out the issue in the end thanks to this GitHub post
Here is the diff to my .circle.yml that finally passed the build successfully. (Basically, updating to meteor update --release 1.4.3-rc.3)

Unfortunately, I think it’s a temporary fix for the CircleCI system until Meteor / dispatch:mocha-phantomjs / PhantomJS work out where exactly in their interaction is the source of the issue. I’m far too new to offer an expert opinion on that point.


Hello Kevin,

I’m very glad you were able to resolve this issue yourself.

Best, Zak

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