New UI now available for opt-in!

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll work on getting the test numbers back in. Slowest test will likely come later from our team working on our new Insights API.

The redirect blip will definitely go away in time once we’re ready to switch everyone over to the new UI.

Keep the feedback coming, we appreciate it!

Thanks for voicing this, it’s great feedback. We’re in the midst of overhauling our UI and making it action simple/intuitive/inspired is important to us.

Would you be willing to do a user experience session with us to share more thoughts? Happy to share a $50 gift card as a thank you:

Hi, how do I opt out of the new UI? I can’t find it at all. I’m getting 404 pages left and right.

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Sorry to hear that. We did have some issues yesterday with AWS, hopefully it’s all squared now?

You can always opt-out from the left-hand navigation where this arrow indicates:

The new interface gives me the error Error: GraphQL error: Cannot return null for non-nullable field Job.branch.. I’m trying to opt-out right now. Is there a link that I can follow? The site is unusable right now.

@zaerl sorry to hear that! Did you try refreshing the page?
We will add an opt-out button to the GraphQL page to solve for this. If your work is blocked in the interim please contact support and we can maneuver on the backend to opt you out.

Unfortunately I tried everything. The page /gh/{org}/{job}/{index} generate the error (in the /api/v1.1/project/{repo}/{index} XHR the field “branch” is nil).

I will contact support, thanks.

@zaerl can you link us to the build that you are seeing this error on? We will get to the bottom of it on our end immediately.

Can I write this in private? The job contains the name of one of our customers and I don’t want to share this information publicly.

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Of course, email me at my first name @ @zaerl

Should those last two screenshots be available to users that are currently enrolled in beta participation? I’m not seeing them.

The two things I miss most from the old UI are 1) workflow map, and 2) “rerun from failed”. I also really like that visualization of individual step progress.

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Hey! The screenshots use circles vs. squares to differentiate running vs complete. In the public opt-in for Jobs, they use these weird cube outlines w/ a blue/green that is brutal for colorblind people. Hopefully this is slated to change? :slight_smile:

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Hi @jrr,

The Pipelines list page design has changed with qualitative/quantitative feedback from our users and we are now heading towards a different design. You’ll hopefully see changing soon.

But I do have some good news:

  1. The Workflow Map page is in development now and will likely be live in the next two weeks.
  2. Rerun from Failed shipped yesterday! It’s being slowly rolled out to users over the next few days.

Let us know if you have more feedback/questions!


Kate Catlin
Product Manager, Developer Experience

Hi @kmacdough,

Thank you for voicing! As we built this UI we’ve put effort along the way into designing for folks who are colorblind and other accessibility needs. Sorry to hear we screwed up here.

The circles and squares you’re mentioning are part of an older design to symbolize jobs in a pipeline, whereas these squares you’ve screen-shotted are for parallel runs within a single job. We do have designs created to change those boxes, though we’d like to test them with users first.

Want to do a UX test with us to ensure we nailed it? Happy to share a $50 gift card as a thank you:

Kate Catlin
Product Manager, Developer Experience

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