New Ubuntu 24.04 Linux Machine Executor image

Hey Everyone!

We’re working on the initial release of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Linux images. The candidate images for amd64 and arm64 have been published as edge releases, and have also been promoted to the current release.

Updates to this post will be provided should any of the details of the image publishing change.


The current release is available under both the edge and current tags.

They are also available as a dated tag if you wish to pin.

  • ubuntu-2404:2024.05.1

Please note that non-promoted dated tags which are only used on edge will be redirected to the image that ends up published as current once the new images are rolled out.

Release Cadence

These images are updated quarterly, excluding security updates.


Here’s a quick usage example:

version: 2.1
      - build
      image: ubuntu-2404:current
      - checkout
      - run: echo "Do some things"

Software Versions


  • Google Chrome is not available on arm images
  • Some software will have more than one version installed, in those cases the default is shown.


Package 2024.05.1
AWS CLI 2.15.55
containerd 1.6.31
Docker 26.0.2
Docker Compose 2.26.1
Firefox 122.0
Google Cloud CLI 471.0.0
Git LFS 3.1.1
Go 1.22.2
Google Chrome 125.0.6422.76
Gradle 8.7
Leiningen 2.11.2
Maven 3.9.6
Node 20.12.2
OpenJDK 21.0.3
pyenv 2.4.0
Python 3.12.2
Ruby 3.3.0
sbt 1.9.9
yarn 1.22.19
yq 4.43.1