[New Orb] Kubernetes Security Scan from CD pipeline | Alcide Kubernetes Advisor Orb

Ahoy !!! super pleased to share our Orb, Alcide Advisor, is available for those of you who are using Kubernetes,
and are looking to integrate security for Kubernetes in the CD part of CI+CD pipelines.

Alcide delivers code-to-production security for workloads running on Kubernetes.

Alcide Advisor integrates into the CD part of CI+CD as a Kubernetes security & hygiene scanner.
It performs customizable static & active checks of resources, workloads running inside the cluster as well as checks of the cluster infrastructure itself.

You can also find code labs and have hands on experience with various use cases here: https://codelab.alcide.io
Register for free trial account to get more advanced features.

Would love to hear you feedback,

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