New containers (e.g. Trusty/14.04): test on a specific branch?

We’ve switched to Ubuntu 14.04 for a couple small projects, which was pretty straightforward thanks to the “experimental settings” page.
We have one bigger project though, which switch is less straightforward due to all the changes, and much harder to test: as the setting is per-project, I had to clone the project in Github and test on the new one, which was pretty cumbersome.

During the last “CircleCi office hours”, we discussed containers, and it sounded like the team was planning on rolling out new containers more frequently in the future. If that’s the case, a straightforward mechanism to test them should be useful − what about:

  • being able to flag a specific branch to use a given container,
  • and/or to be able to specify the container to use upon launching a parameterized build?

The first would be more convenient to use (push & test & iterate), albeit probably needs more development.

I’d also like the ability to flag a branch as a specific container (maybe in the circle.yml) to run a branch on new container while the kinks are worked out.

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