New Android machine image now available to all users

The new Android machine image, “android:202102-01,” is now available to all CircleCI users. This Ubuntu-based image supports nested virtualization, enables x86 Android emulator-based testing, including UI tests, and comes with the SDK pre-installed. Like other Linux machine images on CircleCI, the Android image can be run on the Linux machine executor.

Check out the blog for details on how to set up an Android testing pipeline with the image.

Reply here with questions or feedback!


Hi is this the best place to report issues?

I was trying to migrate our jobs to the android machine and was running into an issue.

We use fastlane for our builds and the issue we are having is with the fastlane bundletool plugin on the new Android machine. Everything works just fine on docker with the Android image and locally running the lane.

[22:06:02]: Downloading bundletool (0.14.0) from
"Something went wrong when downloading bundletool version 0.14.0. \nError message\n No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen -"
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Hi @nate-e ! Thanks for surfacing this. Is this issue still happening?

Hi @thekatertot. It is still happening.