Network issues when installing npm dependencies

It appears since last night none of our builds have been green on Circle due to 500 errors when trying to install npm dependencies. We use yarn to install our dependencies. Is there are any issues that you know about? I haven’t seen anything on twitter or the npm status page.

All errors are the same except it occurs for different packages each time

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We are having a similar issue: npm install is timing out after 10 minutes in over 50% of the cases. Not much on the npm status site, is this a specific issue between circle & npm?

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We’re having the same issues when running npm install in docker based on the node:latest image:

Step 1/6 : FROM node:latest
latest: Pulling from library/node
Digest: <>
Status: Downloaded newer image for node:latest
 ---> <>
Step 2/6 : COPY package.json .
 ---> <>
Step 3/6 : RUN npm install
 ---> Running in <>
Too long with no output (exceeded 10m0s)

This started a day or so ago very rarely but its happening all the time this morning

@pjaybell same here. This started happening for us yesterday and we haven’t had a single green build since then. It’s probably also worth mentioning I use another CI provider for redundancy and that is working okay.

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Same here. It’s started yesterday, and to me it’s random. Sometimes it works and sometimes doesn’t.

Thanks for sharing this information. We’re actively investigating but don’t have a clear answer as to what is causing the errors right now. We’ll update here when we know more.

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Hello @tom !!

Any update on this?

We relay on CircleCi for Continuous Delivery and we can’t deploy to production (and other environments) since yesterday :sweat_smile:

We are in the same boat. This is 24 hours that we cannot deploy to staging and production. This looks like a “minor” issue on the status page, but I am pretty sure a bunch of us are shut down. Can we please get

  1. A update.
  2. A workaround if possible.
  3. More continuous updates.
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Update from npm

Thank you @tom. Running build to check now.

This is still occurring for me. I did have a few npm installs complete, but some are still hanging.

This is still occurring for me as well.

Kicked off another fresh build (as opposed to just hitting rebuild). Still no go.

This is still happening for us, and is blocking a release since we use CI to build release images.

@tom can we please get a update here. The last update says it is fixed and you are monitoring from 4 hours ago.

It appears things may have been resolved by npm. We’ve had consistently passing Circle builds now for the past 30 mins.

I am still getting these 500 errors (only from CircleCI, and only while using caching – a rebuild fixes it).

Both NPM and Yarn are showing Green status pages for the past week. Any ideas what this could be?

Same here, we just wrote a script to keep retrying npm install.

To use: ./ ~/path/to/package.json


####### README ######
# This script exists because in CircleCi npm install was timing out.
# If a job in CircleCi doesn't have stdout in 10 minutes, CircleCi will fail the build
# This will retry npm install 5 times, waiting 5 minutes each time for npm install to finish
# Hopefully this will reduce the amount of builds that fail because of npm install issues (reduce flakiness)
####### README ######


while [ $x -le 5 ]
  cd $DIR

  # CircleCi will timeout if theres no standard output for 10 minute, so we are echo to keep CircleCi subprocess alive
  echo "Trying to npm install in $DIR... This cmd will timeout in 5 minutes."

  # This waits up to 5 minutes to npm install, but if npm install completes early we break out of the while loop
  timeout 300 npm install && break

  # This just adds one to x. We try to repeat npm install 5 times.
  x=$(( $x + 1 ))

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