Nested Docker containers



We need to use nested/sibling docker containers in circleci as part of Meteor Up testing. The tool basically installs a Meteor app on a server using docker containers.
I tried a few methods like exposing the docker sock but nothing worked. The dmesg log shows that apparmor is blocking the inner docker daemon from mounting /var/lib/docker/btrfs.
Are there any recommended ways/workarounds to do what I want to do?


What do you mean by nested/sibling docker containers in this context? Are you trying to run Docker server in CircleCI build?

CircleCI runs your build on LXC container and Docker runs on the container. So, it’s already sort of dind (docker in docker). I’m not sure if you can further nest docker on dind environment.


Yeah, That’s what I meant, I need to run a docker server inside a docker container inside the crcleci container. If I can expose circleci docker sock to my container, that’s fine too. But when I do, Docker container dosen’t start.