Need to do some networking tasks

Hi folks, I am developing a network application, which analyze devices (like a normal network scanner), in the first time it basically pings a device, and get its MAC address from the arp list in the local machine, running tests on my machine is easy because I am connected to a non-restricted network, and I can ping other devices without any problem!..
Do you know some tool which I can use to mock that behavior? I am not going to be able to use CircleCI for CI if I cannot ping a device, get its mac address and scan its opened ports.
PD: I am developing on NodeJS


Without knowing exactly how you are querying the ARP cache, you might be able to get by with editing /etc/hosts and adding status ARP cache entries

Hi , thanks for answering, the sequence is

  1. ping device
  2. get mac address from arp -n THE_IP

I don’t know if I can start a vm or something in order to test features like port scanning, SNMP, NetBIOS, zero conf, etc. like I do in my dev env, more than just ping and getting the mac address.

My test cases do ping a device, scan ports, get NetBIOS name, SNMP info, zero conf protocols, etc.

I am going to check that link but I am going to need a little more. Any idea?

(sorry for my english, I am not a native speaker)


As we run in the AWS cloud, a lot of this will be blocked due to security reasons. You will probably not be able to do what you want on CircleCI.

Do you have any idea about if I can maybe get a very very little vm cached and run it headless just to make the tests? I could download it from a server, install virtualbox, and running it before the tests. A puppy linux is ~100MB… I am just wondering.