Need help with circle build error


we keep seeing this warnning :
circle.yml specified cache directory: /home/ubuntu/portal/frontEnd/lib but it does not exist
even we didnt change anything in the circle.yml and we have this dependencies in cache_directories the value:

  • "frontEnd/lib"
    it always work for us and it seems like bower install isn’t really running and install everything, even if we try running with no cache (the error says he cant find libaries in the lib folder) and ichecked and libaries are exist in bower.
    can someone help ? all our build keep failing because of that



Is “frontEnd” a sub-directory in your project folder?
Also, I guess “portal” is the name of your project?

Could you show us the output of ls on your project, and that sub-directory?
As well as the output from the “bower” command?