Navigation failed because browser has disconnected

Starting March 15th, our previously passing tests started failing with the message: “Navigation failed because browser has disconnected!”

These tests use the docker image circleci/node:11-browsers. We use the npm package puppeteer-core to run our browser tests. These tests are on a scheduled workflow that is triggered nightly.

I believe this may be related to this major change, since they both seem to have started at the same time.

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Being investigated under Upgrading the underlying operating system for the Docker executor

We have identified a possible cause of this issue. We won’t run any jobs on the upgraded OS before the fix is out. So your affected jobs should now work fine again.

We’ll update here once the fix is rolled out.


Thanks @alexey

Not sure if this information is helpful, but our “nightly” jobs just ran again, and they failed in the same way.

@katelynsills or @alexey we are still seeing this issue. Just started seeing it in a Docker build using circleci/node:8.12.0. This works locally when using docker-compose to run the same service.

Hi @danasto, I haven’t checked recently, but the issue was continuing long enough that we moved from using puppeteer-core to puppeteer. Puppeteer installs chromium, so we didn’t have to rely on the installed browsers. Inefficient to say the least, but it worked for us.

Thanks, unfortunately we already use Puppeteer but don’t use the version of Chromium in node_modules, we pre-download. The odd thing is we use circleci/node:8.12.0, and then run our builds inside a node alpine image. We should not be seeing a “container” run fine locally using docker-compose run and not run in Circle CI.