Most recent node-browsers version failing to run Protractor tests

Hi there,

We’re running circleci/node:12.13.1-browsers and our end-to-end tests started failing about 17 hours ago, which lines up with the last time the image was released:

Our production code has had no changes in that time, and we’re running Protractor v5.4.2 with ChromeDriver v79.0.3945.36 (to match Chrome 79 on the image).

We’re receiving the following error:

[16:21:50] I/testLogger - [chrome #61] PID: 1759
[chrome #61] [16:21:37] I/direct - Using ChromeDriver directly...
[chrome #61] [16:21:49] E/protractor - Could not find Angular on page : retries looking for angular exceeded
[chrome #61] [16:21:50] I/runnerCli - Angular could not be found on the page If this is not an Angular application, you may need to turn off waiting for Angular.
[chrome #61]                           Please see 
[chrome #61]                 

Tests run locally with a matching version of Chrome and ChromeDriver, so I imagine something in the latest version of the image is breaking our build.

Any help is appreciated.