Nativescript Circleci integration

I’m trying to migrate a Nativescript project to CircleCI cloud builds. I have created a .nsremote.env.json file in the root of my app as suggested. I’ve added the token plus some other options but every time I try to build I get -:

You have to set the ‘CIRCLE_CI_API_ACCESS_TOKEN’ env variable on your local machine or in the local variables in the “.nsremote.env.json” file in order to run cloud builds in Circle CI.

The config files looks like this -:

“local”: {
“CIRCLE_CI_API_ACCESS_TOKEN”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
“remote”: {
“IOS_SIGNING_REPO_URL”: "git@gxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“IOS_APPLE_ID”: “xxxxx@xxxxxxx”,
“MATCH_PASSWORD”: “mypassword”

I presume I don’t need the {{}} as shown in the example. Either way I have tried with and without and still get the above error.

Me too the same issue let me know if any solution

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Is it the same error @ann1111?