Mysql utf8mb4

Hi guys,

First of all congrats for building CircleCi. It’s amazing!

I’m doing an application based on mysql database which needs to setup this settings to have emoji support. Sorry, I’m not a mysql expert :stuck_out_tongue:



I’ve looking the doc and i didn’t see anything about these options. Can I set up CircleCI Mysql with this? Can I do something like what’s described in this post ( but with mysql?

Regards an thank you guys!

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@sergigp thanks for posting! Bump. In the exact same boat and would love to know how to update my.cnf and restart mysql through the docker container. Can this be done through docker run commands?

Going to look into making my own instance, but would love to ne able to pass through mysql server configs to docker so we can tweak things like encoding, etc.

Thanks all!

  • Chris