Mult-module builds in CircleCI 2.0

Something about the ci config for dependent projects is off in my config.yml:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project dashboard: Could not resolve dependencies for project Could not find artifact -> [Help 1]

That is, it can’t find the dependency that was created earlier in the build in a different submodule. Everything passes locally.

https: // seems relevant except that it’s for circleci 1.0 and the suggested fixes no longer seem to apply. At least the dependencies element is not in the reference docs.

What’s the CircleCI 2.0 equivalent? That is, how does one specify that one submodule depends on an earlier submodule?

Config is here:

What step produces this error?

I was assuming by “multi-module” you meant several CircleCI jobs, but there’s only one job there. What are the names of your many modules? (I may not be able to help, as I don’t do Java, but at least if the details are here, someone else can step in).

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