Missing jar file


I am new to CircleCi and I am trying to use the aws-ecr@6.15.3 Orb.

I have been able to successfully use the recommended Java build configuration to build the Java project.

Now, I am trying to aws-ecr@6.15.3 to push the image to AWS ECR.

The repo was created successfully, but the last step “Build docker image” failed because the jar file /build/libs/app.jar folder is not being correctly located.

Please, how can I define the location where the jar file is built so that I can update the Dockerfile to locate the jar file?


Welcome to CircleCI Discuss!

We have two Java configuration examples, one with Gradle, and the other with Maven. Can you inform me on which one you are using?

Also, this is a great time to use “Debug as SSH” to identify where the build is being output within the runtime container. Here is the documentation on how to do that: Debugging with SSH - CircleCI