Minitest and parallelism


I’m trying to get our test-suite to run in parallel using minitest, but so far I can only find some information about minitest-ci, but not how to configure this or get this up and running.

Is there some documentation somewhere on how I can split up my tests across multiple workers with mini-test?

I’m not familiar with those testing tools, but test tools in general let you split tests based on:

  • file/folder
  • category/group

You could split your tests into, say, four groups of roughly equal runtime, and then set up a shell script to run tests based on a group number. You can then make use of the following env vars to decide what group to run:


Finally you can set up your parallelism in your config.yml (see the docs).

I’ve actually got it working by creating a rake task that relies on the TEST_FILES variables, which are now set using the CLI, so splitting my tests in parallel works.

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