macOS Catalina + Xcode 11.2 Beta 2 Released

I’ve just released a new image, with Xcode 11.2 Beta 2, running on Catalina.

You can select this image by selecting 11.2.0 as follows:

      xcode: 11.2.0

This is the first image that we’ve built with Catalina, so there might be some bugs – please let us know if you find anything out of the ordinary.


  • The OS has been upgraded to macOS 10.15 (19A602) Catalina.
  • Ruby is 2.6.3
  • The default shell is bash --login.
  • Xcode Xcode 11.2 Beta 2 Build 11B44
  • The runtimes installed are:
    • iOS 11.4
    • iOS 12.2
    • iOS 13.2
    • tvOS 12.2
    • tvOS 13.2
    • watchOS 5.2
    • watchOS 6.1

The manifest of installed software is here.


The last few releases of Xcode on CircleCI were problematic for Ruby users, due to issues with how Xcode 11 shipped the macOS SDK. This forced us to make some breaking changes with Ruby. My hope is that upgrading to Catalina will resolve these issues, and using Ruby will be more straight forward.


Catalina ships with zsh as the default shells, but with CircleCI, the default shell is still bash. By default, commands on macOS run with /bin/bash --login -eo pipefail -c $COMMAND.

You can customize the shell for an executor, job or run command, which will allow you too run a command with zsh, should you wish:

      xcode: 11.2.0
    shell: zsh
      - run: echo Hello from zsh.

Is there a timeline for updating it to 11.2 GM?

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Also curious about something: this is a shot in the dark, but I’m seeing strange Swift crashes on recent builds and was wondering, is Catalina also being used on the 11.1 images?

Do we have a timeline for using Xcode 11.2.1? I know a lot of people are experiencing app crashes with custom UITextFields in Storyboards. For the time being, I’m staying on Xcode 11.1 in CircleCI but using Xcode 11.2.1 locally to generate IPAs.

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Hi there,

I’ve just pushed 11.2 live now: Released Xcode 11.2 and macOS 10.15 (Catalina)



Thanks @marc so we’re actually in need of the 11.2.1 GM Seed release that appears to only be on the developer portal

Apple basically messed up the release of 11.2.0 and has been deprecated with 11.2.1 in its place. Its not fully rolled-out yet as an update on the app store,

I’m still figuring out the steps to get a build submitted to the app store but looks like I’ll have to submit the ipa from my local machine using this patched version of xcode. But we’ll need a 11.2.1 on circle with this patch asap :slight_smile: