Machine user token

I’m following the instructions here to generate a user token associated with a machine user:

On GitHub, I’ve added a Machine User as an outside collaborator with read access to all of our relevant repositories, but from CircleCI (when logged in as the machine user) I cannot load either the “add projects” page or the project-level settings page (from and clicking on “Settings”) – in both cases, it just displays a “Something doesn’t look right” error. In the case of the settings page, it briefly displays something resembling the settings panel before displaying the error.

I can think of two possible complications:

  • The machine user has an email address that is derived from another account’s email address – for example, if my email was, the machine user would be something like
  • The machine user is only an “outside collaborator” on this project, not a direct collaborator or team member.

Can anyone help diagnose and resolve this?


Hi Alev,

Welcome to CircleCI Discuss! You seem to be being blocked because the machine account doesn’t have permission to reach the “Add Projects” page! That part of this process makes it necessary to provide the machine user temporary admin access to the organization. Then you can go to the “Add Project” page and begin tracking that project, and feel free to put the machine user back to read-only permissions if you wish.

Keep in mind: if the machine user is the only one following the project, removing the machine user will cause that project to stop building on CircleCI.

Please, do let me know if that helps you out or if you have any more questions!