Location of runners for a SaaS offering


If we use the CircleCI cloud offering, where is geographical location of the runners running the tests in config.yml file? Need this information for compliance reasons. Is there anyway in the tool to find this information for an admin user?

I’m not able to find a formal statement of the location(s) where data is used and/or stored, but across the docs there are references to everything being based on AWS in the USA. The most critical being the docs covering the IP ranges you would need to allow if you want to secure down access.

If that conflicts with your needs or is not a fine enough level of control from a compliance point of view you also have the options

  • To run self-hosted runners. These allow you to run all builds on systems you define and so control their location. I use this feature so that all data operations will remain in the EU for the UK-registered company that I work for.

  • You can also decide to deploy the whole environment in-house as they have an on-prem offering, but it is best to contact the sales team if you want to know more about this option.


The details in the link @rit1010 shared above is accurate. Quoting from that page:

" The machines that execute all jobs on CircleCI’s platform, not just jobs opted into IP ranges, are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and CircleCI’s macOS Cloud (see below). An exhaustive list of IP addresses that CircleCI’s traffic may come from on these cloud providers’ platforms can be found by looking up each cloud provider’s IP address ranges. AWS & GCP offer endpoints to find this information.

  • AWS: CircleCI uses the us-east-1 and us-east-2 regions
  • GCP: CircleCI uses the us-east1 and us-central1 regions"