Linux Machine Executor Update - 2023 Q1 Update

Hey Everyone!

Quarterly updates across the Linux family with updates are now available with the following image tags:

  • ubuntu-2004:2023.02.1
  • ubuntu-2204:2023.02.1

20.04 and 22.04 are both available on amd64 and arm64 architecture.

Please note:
- We are using the edge tag as we would like customer’s to utilize this on a testing basis and a dated release for the Q1 image will likely be released late this week or early next week

  • The edge image has been upgraded to a general release with a dated tag as of 2/21/23
  • Heroku will be deprecated leading into a Q2 release of these images given their spottiness with key management and with usage likely to decrease significantly with the change in their business model. The Heroku software can still be installed and used via the Heroku orb

This refresh updates software included in the image, which can be found below. See the
20.04 docs, and 22.04 docs for more information about how to use the machine executor and these images, including utilizing the resource class designation for arm machines.

What’s New

  • Standard Quarterly Update

Release Cadence

These images are updated quarterly, excluding security updates


Here’s a quick usage example:

version: 2.1
      - build
      image: ubuntu-2204:2023.02.1
      - checkout
      - run: echo "Do some things"



  • Google Chrome is not available on arm images
  • Heroku is not available on arm images

Docker : 20.10.18 → 20.10.23
Docker Compose: 2.10.2 → 2.16.0
gcloud: → 405 → 416
Chrome: 106.0.5249 → 109.0.5414
Firefox: 105 → 109
Go: 1.19.2 → 1.20
Node: 16.17.1 → 18.14.0
npm: 8.19.2 → 9.4.1
OpenJDK: 17.0.4 → 17.0.5
Leiningen: 2.9.10 → 2.10.0
Maven: 3.8.6 → 3.9.0
Gradle: 7.5.1 → 7.6
Python: 3.10.6 → 3.11.1
Ruby: 3.1.2 → 3.2.1
sbt: 1.7.2 → 1.8.2

Here is a list of the major software installed on each image. If multiple versions are present, the default is shown here:

Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu 22.04
Tag ubuntu-2004:edge ubuntu-2204:edge
AWS CLI 2.9.21
Docker 20.10.23 20.10.23
Docker Compose 2.16.0 2.16.0
Docker Compose Switch 1.0.5 1.0.5
Google Cloud SDK 416.0.0 416.0.0
Google Chrome 109.0.5414 109.0.5414
Firefox 109.0.1 109.0.1
Go 1.20 1.20
Node.js 18.14.0 18.14.0
npm 9.4.1 9.4.1
yarn 1.22.19 1.22.19
Heroku 7.67.2 7.67.2
OpenJDK 17.0.5 17.0.5
Leiningen 2.10.0 2.10.0
Maven 3.9.0 3.9.0
Gradle 7.6 7.6
Python 3.11.1 3.11.1
Ruby 3.2.1 3.2.1
jq 1.6 1.6
yq 4.24.5 4.24.5
sbt 1.8.2 1.8.2

Hey @jalex,

Just around the time you made this post, the jobs that we run on ubuntu-2204:edge started failing with the following error message:

The same jobs were running fine this morning. Is something going on CircleCI’s end with these images? O_o

Either that, or we are doing something silly on our end, but as far as I can tell our config file has not been changed since this morning.

Hi @argilya - this was certainly something on our end, but this should be fixed shortly and you will be able to access the edge tag. apologies about any breaking builds you might have encountered.

and the images with cuda? the last version is in 2021 with cuda 11.4. So I need recent images with cuda 12.0 to test ada lovelace and hopper.

Hi @johnnynunez - the CUDA images have not been updated, however, they are currently being worked on

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Do you have a specific date?

Cuda 12.1 is out right now

Note here: Cuda-11.8 gpu cuda image - any plans? - #3 by FelicianoTech

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how is it going cuda 12 images?

hi @johnnynunez - CUDA 12 versions are now out.

these can be accessed using the tag linux-cuda-12:2023.05.1 and includes CUDA 12.0 and 12.1.

you can switch between the two using:

sudo update-alternatives --set cuda /usr/local/cuda-<<cuda version>>
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This includes also cuda 11?


linux-cuda-11:2023.02.1 would have the latest versions of cuda 11
linux-cuda-12:2023.05.1 would have the latest version(s) of cuda 12