Language Server Errors, Job and Command with same name

using AWS-S3, when using the aws-s3/copy command it shows me help/error using the Job, instead of the command.
I get the following:
Error “Parameter role_arn is not defined for aws-s3/copy” when it is a valid parameter for the command, also an error “Parameter auth is required for aws-s3/copy” this would be the case for the job though.

I guess this is because the command and job have the same name, and will probably happen on other orbs

Hi @ratgninjarmm, thanks for reporting this.
We are aware of the issue (first reported Incorrect Parameters For Command With Same Name As Job · Issue #191 · CircleCI-Public/circleci-yaml-language-server · GitHub ) and are going to try and address it in future weeks, though it won’t be immediately.
You should be able to monitor the status on the Github issue, but I will also make sure I post on here once we release a fix!

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