Jobs in private Orbs not recognized by integration tests


I’ve set up a private orb for my organization and been able to create commands, add an integration test in the config.yml that came with the standard orb template.

However, when I try to create a job within the private orb, it’s not getting recognized when the pipeline is run

Relevant snippets

description: >
  Uploads the docker image
executor: default
    type: string
    description: "Image tag name"
working_directory: ~
  - run:
      command: docker push << parameters.tag_name >>


    when: << >>
      - integration-test-1: {context: org-global}
      - robot-scenes-orb/upload:
          tag_name: "dummy_image"

I get the error Error calling workflow: 'integration-test_deploy'Cannot find a definition for job named robot-scenes-orb/upload-scene

What am i missing? Is this a limitation of private orbs?

For people who stumble across this post, I ended up removing the tests and found that the orb was working as expected. The integration tests are extremely flaky so test your orb elsewhere before you pull your hair out trying to fix this :slight_smile: