Job starts for every commit instead for tags only

I’m trying to run my deployment jobs ONLY when a git tag is pushed. This is actually similar to the documentation: " The deploy job runs for no branches and only tags starting with ‘config-test’"

My configuration is basically the same (only the job names are different) but on every push all depoyment jobs run. Here is my config:

  version: 2
      # build and deploy libraries
      - auth_lib_release:
            ignore: /.*/
            # all tags starting with "auth/v"
            only: /^auth\/v.*/

What am I doing wrong? I simply don’t get it or it is a bug -.-’

Hi @goemic. Welcome to the CircleCI community!

The config looks indeed correct.

Could you please share the link to the related CircleCI project?

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing the link here, please submit a support request so we can further investigate.

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Hi @goemic,

We got your support ticket, and we’re looking into it!

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