Issues with latest release of Bundler



Many users are reporting issues with the latest release of bundler, which gets upgrade automatically if they don’t pin it. The broken versions are 1.14.x, anything 1.13.x should be stable.


Are there any core files or backtraces you can post?


Coredumps, no–these are disabled on our platform. Backtraces are possible, but we either have to check with customers about sharing these or set aside some time to reproduce them.

Are you still interested in these after the 1.14.3 release?


Are you still seeing failures with the latest bundler? We’ve had people ask to upgrade the bundler version on Heroku.


@schneems I think this was resolved with the latest patch release, as reports have stopped coming in once.

BTW, which version is Heroku on these days?


To answer my own question:

Bundler v1.13.7: Application dependency resolution and management.