Issue with trying to create MySQL database integrated with java

The java program I’m using with circleci expects a MySQL database and despite reading the documentation I am still stumped on how to implement this. Here is my config thus far (using some example code from documentation):

version: 2 # use CircleCI 2.0
jobs: # a collection of steps
build: # runs not using Workflows must have a `build` job as entry point

working_directory: ~/search-ci # directory where steps will run

docker: # run the steps with Docker
  - image: circleci/openjdk:8-jdk-browsers # ...with this image as the primary container; this is where all `steps` will run
        MYSQL_DB: archivesearch
        MYSQL_USER: root
  - image: circleci/mysql:latest-ram

steps: # a collection of executable commands

  - checkout # check out source code to working directory
  - run:
      name: database_setup
      command: |
        sudo apt-get install mysql-client
  - restore_cache: # restore the saved cache after the first run or if `pom.xml` has changed
      # Read about caching dependencies:
      key: circleci-demo-java-spring-{{ checksum "pom.xml" }}
  - run: mvn dependency:go-offline # gets the project dependencies
  - save_cache: # saves the project dependencies
        - ~/.m2
      key: circleci-demo-java-spring-{{ checksum "pom.xml" }}
  - run: mvn package # run the actual tests
  - store_test_results: # uploads the test metadata from the `target/surefire-reports` directory so that it can show up in the CircleCI dashboard. 
  # Upload test results for display in Test Summary:
      path: target/surefire-reports
  - store_artifacts: # store the uberjar as an artifact
  # Upload test summary for display in Artifacts:
      path: target/demo-java-spring-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
  # See for deploy examples

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